Wok cooking is art. As your food is covered in soaring flames, they bounce off you wok in the air enabling all the sauce to permeate with a rich smoky flavor. If you have ever seen anyone use this in a kitchen, you would truly appreciate the skill involved to create Wok-Hei also known as Breath of the Wok. Recently this method of cooking with high fire power has also caught the attention of many Non-Chinese kitchens, and is becoming more and more popular. With L&T’s Panda Wok Ranges, this is no longer a dream. Equipped with one piece 3/8” stainless steel and maximum of 160,000 BTU per burner, you can master your dish with a rich smoky flavor in just couple of minutes.

Table of Contents
How to Pick the Right Wok Range for You
Basic Wok Range Features
New York Style Wok Ranges
California Style Wok Ranges
Canadian Style Wok Ranges
Hong Kong Style Wok Ranges
Cantonese Style Wok Ranges
Steamer Wok Ranges
Blower Wok Ranges
Induction Wok Ranges
Custom Wok Ranges
Basic Requirements of Gas Equipment upon Installation