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The new Side-by-Side refrigerator has the technology to make preparing meals easier and more fun than ever before, all with a sleek new design and more storage. Our newest finish stands out for its warmth while blending in with complementary colors that reflect current interior design trends.Our refrigerators have the latest technology and are beautifully designed to make your kitchen stand out. It’s no wonder we are the #1 Preferred Refrigeration Brand.

You can choose from ranges in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes. Whatever you choose, cooking will be more efficient, especially with Wi-Fi connectivity that helps you manage your cooking remotely. Whether you’re a beginner or master chef, your range works smarter for you.

The full Tuscan lineup is designed to bring harmony to your kitchen space with an elegant, versatile finish, complementing any home. Models also offered in Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel. Dishwashers with Linear Wash technology have a one-of-a-kind sliding spray bar that moves in linear motion to provide corner to corner coverage for complete cleaning.

Our FlexWash™ washers are multitasking machine. With two washers in one machine, you can clean bedding and delicates at the same time. Fewer loads mean more time spent outside the laundry room. Small but mighty, our 24” washers can fit in tight spaces for when your laundry room is more like a laundry corner. With features like Steam Wash, Super Speed and VRT Plus™ Technology for quiet washing, these compact machines pack a lot of power.

Our brand new Champagne color is inspired by the latest design trends. So warm up your laundry room with this premium finish and enhance the way you do your laundry. And if you’re craving the classic colors, our washers and dryers also come in Black Stainless Steel and White.With two dryers in one machine, you can dry delicates and everyday garments at the same time. Fewer loads means more time spent outside the laundry room.

Our range of microwaves are designed to save time and space as well as your leftovers. Think of them as a second oven, with the baking and grilling capability to bring any great meal to life. You can choose between a variety of colors and models.Our over-the-top microwaves work seamlessly with our ranges, providing ventilation. They are also designed to match them aesthetically, giving your kitchen a sleek and professional look.

Top Air Range Hood

The TP-88 series range hoods are our proudest models to introduce to all of our customers. The TP-88 series are using the most effective design principle to make this product the most efficient range hood within the industry.

The TP-9836 is the definition of elegance. The design of TP-9836 matches the need for a smart, modern, and powerful range hood for families that love modern style decoration. With this range hood, customers can expect to have a smoke/odor free kitchen where you can breathe freely again.