Wok Range Features

Basic Wok Range Features:

NSF, CSA, MEA Listed
Built in water cooling system from front to back drain in order to keep the range clean and help reduce surface temperature.
3/8” One piece stainless steel stove top extended to front and two sides made with innovative technology.
Swing faucet automatically turned on when the head is turned.
Heavy gauge stainless steel frame construction for the entire unit for extra strength and durability.
Heavy duty caster with lock has a large top plate, thick legs, and a precision machined swivel bearing which allows heavy loads.
Easily accessible stainless steel drain basket located in front or rear of the stove.
Knee “L” valve for easy operation while cooking.
16” legs with adjustable feet.
Steel wok chambers are filled with cement for high fire resistance.
Single long piece drain rain enabling easy cleaning.
Sump basket located at the rear corner of the range with easy pullout access.
100% stainless steel removable drip tray under each burner.
High corrosion and temperature resistant.

Optional features:

Standard models available up to 3 chambers and 3 soup chambers (can be customized with any variations).
Standard wok chamber available sizes: 13”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” in diameter
Pilot gas safety system – Provides pilot flame failure protection.
Sauce basket in front of the wok range.
Can be designed with or without flue risers.
Joint wok connection enabling.
Wok hole adapter – For larger chambers to adapt to smaller size cooking woks.
Range, length, and width are fully customizable.
Sauce pan for chef’s convenience.
Stainless steel burner covers.
Speed jet burner upgrade available.